About the project



A project which conserves Krapina's cultural heritage

The project is realized by August Cesarec Primary School, Krapina

Project coordinators: Melita Majsec – Dragčević, Ivana Suhodolčan, Sanja Belošević
Realization: December 2018- May 2019

Participants: students from 1st to 8th grade

Partners: Hušnjakovo Museum; Kinč naše babice organization; a fine artist Stjepan Đukić- Pišta, the Town of Krapina, Photo- club Krapina, eTwinning, a platform for teachers of European countries; teachers in AC Primary School

AIMS of the Project:

- make people aware of the importance of preserving our hometown's historical and cultural heritage; understand the term cultural heritage as defined by UNESCO ( tangible cultural heritage: monuments, archeological sites, art work; intangible cultural heritage: folk tradition, folklore, language, natural environment- biological and geological richness, landscape…)

- develop tolerance and respect for the cultural diversity in European countries

TASKS: research and analyze Krapina's cultural richness; find ways to perserve the cultural heritage for the future generations; workshops; introductions of partner schools from Europe

REALISATION: students and their teachers with partners in the local community the school are involved in many activities during the school year; One workshop each month- from December until May.

  • December 2018: "Grandma’s Christmas" – in cooperation with the organization Kinč naše babice
  • January 2019: „More than a picture“- in cooperation with Hušnjakovo Museum
  • February 2019: „Traditional and delicious“- exchange of the recepies with school partners from Europe
  • March 2019: „Virtual postcard from Krapina“- IT workshop
  • April 2019: „ International Dance Day“- traditional song and body movement (eTwinning project); „My Krapina“- Easter workshop with Krapina's motives
  • May 2019: „ Krapina through the eye of an artist“- a mural painted by Stjepan Đukić in August Cesarec Primary School

PRESENTATION of a  PROJECT: 30th May – School day celebration

Future of the project: speech by Zoran Gregurović, the mayor of Krapina about the future plans in preserving Krapina’s cultural heritage.

Lots of thanks to all students, teachers and partners in Krapina and wider!